About Prestige Shuttle

Our Origins and Story

Started in December 2003 with just eleven buses and 50 workers,the firm's founders were determined to bring discipline,reliability and predictability to a public transport system that was chaotic ,unreliable and that had disregard for order,rules and regulations.Their aim was to provide dignified safe passage to road users.

Prestige Shuttle introduced state-of-the-art vehicles,driven and manned by polite well-trained personnel who had to be sticklers for the laws of the road.When the government finally started strictly implementing traffic rules for public transporters in February 2004,they were already a way of life for ePrestige Shuttle.Even today,Prestige Shuttle adheres to the rules laid down by the New Transport body National Transport and Safety Authority.

An addition to the above,Prestige Shuttle strict customer service creed emphasises five pillars:Safety,Security,Punctuality,Comfort and Relaibility.In a single word,DIGNITY! Prestige Shuttle’s main start-up task was to locate a suitable departure/arrival hub within the CBD That would not be crowded and no board off-the-street.Thanks to the Ministry of Transport and Kenya Railways they found the right spot in our current premises.

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Programs

Conscious of their responsibilities as a good corporate citizen,Prestige Shuttle believes that the pursuit of profit must never be at the expense of our environment or the people who live in it.They have committed themselves to practices that conserve the environment and keep a tight lid on pollution.Thy work hand in hand with Rotarian in Nairobi by providing personalised transport for patients to and from their paces Eye Clinics in Synergy/Operating Venues.

A lot of Prestige Shuttle’s CSR portfolio is geared towards engendering a culture of road safety in Kenya,an area in which Prestige Shuttle have remained peerless and have designed police “Stop” sign in conjunction with NTSA. They have also financed a number of seminars on road safety in Kisumu and Western Kenya.

Things you didn’t know about Prestige Shuttle

  • Prestige Shuttle lets you book tickets by dialling *877#
  • Prestige Shuttle travels to more than 30 destinations in Kenya and also Kampala,
  • Prestige Shuttle buses are all tracked ONLINE 24/7
  • Prestige Shuttle’s fares do not fluctuate with peak-travel seasons as with other transport providers
  • Prestige Shuttle’s buses are replaced every three years
  • Prestige Shuttle’s maiden trip was on 18th December 2003 to Kisumu with ONE paying passengers.